Hydro One delivery charge increases addressed in Bracebridge

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  1. Howard Ruttan says:

    The Liberals have never listened to the once they got into power since McGuinty got into power. Why would they start to listen under this Woman who can tell lies with a smile on her face.

  2. Robert Valiquette says:

    Not very likely Mr. Miller, Hydro One and the OBE, do exactly what they want, regardless of what we their bread & butter think. The huge bureaucracy within Hydro One reap in huge pay packets and benefits that are beyond anything we the general public could ever even imagine anyone making. Worst of all the OBE backs all of this up and continues to permit Hydro One to get away with it. Quite frankly in my humble opinion, other than those hard working line men, the entire upper echelon of Hydro One should be fired and replaced by an administration that receives at least 60% less in pay and benefits then the current bunch of useless A—-s are being given.

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