Bala Falls Hydro Plant Protester Charged With Mischief

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  1. Horst M says:

    Don’t know what all the fuss is about. I thought there has been a plant there for decades and this is a rejuvenation?! Water needs to go down from Lake Muskoka to the Georgian Bay has it has for ever. So taking some green clean energy out of it seems a no brainer. Certainly much lower carbon print than those ugly wind machines going up all over Ontario.

    1. Robert Valiquette says:

      Obviously Miss/Mrs./Mr Horst you have no understanding of the situation at all. This is not an up-grade to the very small electric plant located on a side street off of Hwy 169. This is a new plant that is being built right on Hwy 169 and will destroy the the view and public use of the out-flow from Lake Muskoka into the Moon River. But more important is the fact this plant is not needed at all. Ontario already produces much more hydro than we are able to consume. We sometimes have to pay other jurisdictions to take our excess hydro, and sometimes we are able to sell our excess hydro for much less than it cost to produce. Almost all of Ontario’s hydro production is now green, so that is not a valid excuses for this plant. On top of all of that the town of Bala, which is directly affectted by this plant, and the township of Muskoka lakes are against the plants construction. Mss Wynn and the Liberal Government continue to mismanage our Province.

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