See Where Lakeland Network’s Fibre Optic Service Is Expanding In Gravenhurst

Is it coming to your street? See where Lakeland Network’s Fibre Optic Service is expanding in Gravenhurst: Gravenhurst_Press_Event_Fact_Sheet

Lakeland Energy’s Fibre Optic Division Celebrates New Expansion Into Gravenhurst

Lakeland Energy’s fibre optic division Lakeland Networks, celebrates a new expansion into the Town of Gravenhurst. On January 17th, 2018 Lakeland Networks will formally announce the expansion of their fibre optic network into the Town of Gravenhurst. An information and…

Lakeland Networks Helps New Marketing Biz Establish Itself In Muskoka

Need it be stated again? Connectivity helps everyone! When Jeff and Debbie Fidler were looking to relocate their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business from the city to Muskoka, Lakeland Networks was ready and waiting, proving that local connections are invaluable.…

Bracebridge Senior’s Gift For Music Proving Popular on YouTube

When local business and personal passion connect, the world really is at your fingertips. A marriage between a local high speed internet provider and an elderly woman’s passion for playing the accordion is thrilling audience’s the world over. 80 year…

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